September 2016

Two videos have been prepared following a script of the fellows of the NATURIMMUN project and are available under the following links:

Granny and the Attack of the Evil Horseradish – Episode 1

Granny and the Attack of the Evil Horseradish – Episode 2





Past Events

Final Meeting


7th Consortium meeting @Amsterdam, Netherlands





Summer School 3


Natural Killer Cell Symposium 2015 (NK2015) @Göttingen, Germany


The fellows organized a high-level satellite symposium as a part of the NK2015 Symposium and also presented their work to public.





6th Consortium meeting @Barcelona, Spain


The fellows had to present their project reports.



Winter School 3



5th Consortium meeting @Cologne, Germany


The fellows had to present their project reports.

There was also a workshop of biotech business and product development.



Business and Entrepreneurship course @Cologne, Germany

  The second part of the business and entrepreneurship course was held.


Summer School 2



Natural Killer Cell Symposium 2014 (NK2014) @Hannover, Germany

At this meeting some of the fellows presented their work to the pubilic.





4th Consortium meeting/ Mid-term Review Meeting EC @Paris, France

At the 4th consortium meeting PIs presented specific goals and fellows their preliminary results to the EC officers.




Course in Patent Rights @Paris, France

Here the fellows got skills in authorship and patent rights.





Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Conference/MSCA satellite event at ESOF 2014 Conference @Copenhagen, Denmark

  The fellows participate at Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Conference. Link


Winter School 2



3rd Consortium meeting @Jerusalem, Israel


At the 3rd consortium meeting the PIs gave specific project overviews and the fellows presented their project reports.




Entrepreneurship @Jerusalem, Israel


The topic of the winter school 2 was:

"Principles of business management/entrepreneurship" (organized by Vienna University of Economics and Business)





NK2013 meeting @ Heidelberg, Germany

At the NK2013 metting in Heidelberg, the fellows had the chance to present their projects to the research society and to get more information about research in the NK cell field. Link




Summer School 1



2nd Consortium Meeting @ Cambridge, UK


At the 2nd Consortium meeting the PIs and fellows will gave presentations with overviews of their projects.

Guest lectures:

The role of NK cells in human reproductive success

(Ashley Moffett)

Allorecognition in transplantation and reproduction

(Francesco Colucci)

Role of NK cells in the mechanism of action of therapeutic antibodies

(Francisco Borrego)



Bioinformatics course @ Cambridge, UK


At summer school 1 the fellows got a 5-day bioinformatics course for immunologists at the EMBL-EBI in Cambridge. Programm




Winter School 1



1st Consortium meeting/ KICK-OFF meeting @Vienna, Austria

  At the first consortium meeting the PIs gave brief overviews of the project and fellows presented their project proposals.